Friday, April 27, 2018

Teknokraaft gets registered with NDC!

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is an initiative spearheaded by IATA which is focused on helping Airlines to distribute rich and comparative content including ancillaries to users.

The concept behind NDC is an XML messaging standard designed to be easier and more flexible than the existing standards.

NDC benefits the airlines, giving them the capability to display their range of products and services in a useful and straightforward way. The end customer benefits with a more transparent booking process so they can make informed decisions about what each airline offers and who they decide to travel with.

NDC provides 3 levels of certifications and it is left to the technology provider to get certified in one of these levels.

According to IATA, more than 50 airlines were using some form of NDC as of early January, and another 50 were expected to come on-board in the near term. GDSs, technology providers and even agencies are also being certified to send and receive NDC messages.

Teknokraaft has taken the 1st step forward in aligning with NDC and has got registered as “XML Capable” with them. This is a clear recognition for our capability to adapt to new technologies and give our clients the best of the future.

Our name is now registered with the official NDC registry and you can check it here under XML capable at

We will be updating you about the progress we make with NDC in the coming days

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