Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Testing strategies for an Online Travel Application

Here are some ideas about how to go about when you need to test a Travel Portal or an OTA.
Techniques we use
Basically OTAs are built with an idea of a multi/ n-Tier structure. This means there are several layers needed to build an OTA and so we think of a multi layered testing approach that will include
  1. Provider Testing
    1. Testing the linkage between the provider and the application
  2. Message testing
    1. Testing the XML request and response

  3. Functional testing
    1. Unit testing
    2. Integration testing
    3. System testing
    4. Expected and Unexpected scenarios
  4. Security Testing
    1. Error handling
    2. Directories Exposed
    3. Forbidden Resource
    4. Not Used Resource
    5. Encrypt Secured data’s
  5. Retesting /Regression testing
  6. Load / Performance testing
    1. Usage Pattern
    2. Critical scenarios
Error Prevention
Other than the above, for the entire life cycle we combine some error prevention features like
    • Isolating the cause of error
    • Locate the point in production environment that causes error
    • Keep monitoring for continuous  improvement
There are so many risk factors while doing a migration test to live / production environment
    • Mismatch of data, values, types etc
    • Schema changes
    • Scenario  changes
  • Difference in Work flow for each supplier and each vertical
  • Difference in  expected values in test and production environment 
  • Rapid changes in scenarios  based on market needs
  • Response time
Hope you can keep these points in mind and see to it that you roll out a well-tested Travel application.
Happy testing and all the success!

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